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Alimony, now known as Spousal Maintenance or Spousal Support, is an area in which an alimony attorney can make an important difference in your Divorce proceedings. Our Family Law Attorneys are skilled negotiators with a depth of experience to ensure that you are fully informed as to your rights and responsibilities so you may make an informed decision based upon your circumstances.

The determination of the length and amount of Spousal Maintenance is not specifically defined within the Illinois statute. A court considers numerous factors in determining when and how much maintenance is appropriate. It can be very case specific. There are several different types of spousal support that may be awarded, including:

  • Permanent maintenance- payments from one spouse to the other for an indefinite period of time
  • Temporary maintenance- payments from one spouse to the other during the pendency of a divorce case
  • Rehabilitative maintenance- payments from one spouse to the other for a defined period of time generally to allow the recipient spouse a period of time to become self-supporting

Ideally, the terms for maintenance can be negotiated through the attorneys and parties or with input from the Court and settled without the necessity of a trial. If this is accomplished, the maintenance issue can be resolved. This is one component of a negotiated settlement agreement, and your lawyer will balance it against other factors in the agreement. As your spousal support attorneys, we will work together with you to prepare the appropriate language relating to maintenance, which reflects any agreement reached between you and your spouse. If an agreement cannot be reached, and a trial is necessary, the judge will determine the amount and duration of maintenance payments based upon factors presented by your lawyer as set forth in the statute including:

  • The contribution of each spouse to the increase or decrease of the marital and non-marital property, including explicit recognition of the role as a homemaker by one or both spouses
  • The value of property assigned to each spouse
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The relevant economic circumstances of each spouse
  • Any obligations or rights from the previous marriages of either spouse
  • Any prenuptial agreements
  • The age, health, skills, resources, and possible sources of income for each spouse
  • Child custody and Child support
  • Tax consequences of property division on each spouse

After hearing all the evidence presented by the lawyers, the judge will render a decision relating to the payment of maintenance. As experienced family law attorneys, we can provide you with assistance in achieving the best result possible based upon your circumstances.

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