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The Lake County Sheriff Mistreats Landlords By Deliberately Violating the Law

In a quest for positive press coverage, our sheriff's office continues to ignore its responsibilities. Judges must follow the law when entering orders determining when someone must leave a property when they fail to pay what they owe. The sheriff has no right to disregard a court order or disregard a judge's determination of when someone must leave.

What should I do if I’ve had a Car Accident?

First, get medical attention to those who may need it.

Next, call the authorities.

Then, you should get as much information as possible from the other driver and occupants, including:

  • Contact information (address, cell phone number(s), email addresses)
  • Driver license information (state of issuance and license number)
  • Vehicle information (make and model)
  • Insurance information (name of company, phone number and policy number)

You should also get the names and contact information of any witnesses.

Change to Illinois Statute Protecting Landlords

For many years, a landlord had to bring a case to remove a tenant from their property under the Illinois Forcible Entry and Detainer Act.  This terminology was not very well known to anyone other than lawyers and judges.  Effective January 1, 2018, the term Forcible Entry and Detainer Act has been replaced by the more commonly used “Eviction.”  From this point forward, paperwork filed with the courts should not use reference to Forcible Entry and Detainer and should simply state that the landlord is seeking an Eviction.  Additionally, the Illinois Supreme Court has issued a new standardized

Cash For Keys

In today’s video blog, attorney Ted Bond, Jr. discusses using Cash For Keys to resolve mortgage foreclosure, tenant eviction and property tax foreclosure cases.


The Mortgage Foreclosure Timeline in Illinois

Illinois is a judicial foreclosure state, meaning that a defaulting borrower will not lose ownership of their property without certain due process protections provided by a court of law.  Statutes require that certain time lines be followed, giving you an opportunity to try and save the property if possible.  The following is a synopsis of some of the relevant time restrictions in a residential mortgage foreclosure case.   

Consider Mediation to Resolve Your Dispute

When most people think of lawyers, they assume they spend most of their time in court, litigating disputes on behalf of their clients. In reality, a great deal of the civil, non-criminal practice of law involves non-litigated resolution of disputes. 95% of all civil cases are settled and do not make it all the way to a trial. Our attorneys always try to negotiate with opposing counsel to see if the dispute can be settled on mutually agreeable terms. When our direct efforts are unsuccessful, a neutral third party called a mediator can often get the parties on the same page.


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