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The Civil Courts Are Open Again For Business

The Lake County, IL civil courts reopened for business this week.  All hearings are taking place via Zoom.  Bench trials will be allowed but jury trials will not take place until at least some time in the fall.

We are doing everything we can to get our current caseload moving forward.  Because the courts were shut down for over two months, there is a backload of cases and the judge's time is in high demand.  We keep up to date with all of the current court rules and procedures so we can make sure your case gets completed in the most efficient manner possible.

Another Appellate Court Victory

We recently achieved a very favorable result from the Illinois Appellate Court.  Our client was an elderly woman who bought a home in joint tenancy with her husband in 1963.  She left the abusive relationship and divorced her husband in 1968 while remaining on the title to the home.  Her ex-husband remarried and remained in the home with his new family until his death in 1993.  By law, the title vested entirely in our client at that time.  However, her ex-husband's new wife and daughter failed to notify our client of the death and continued to use and occupy the property until they decided

Important Landlord’s Rights You Should Know About

  1. The right to visit and inspect your property.  Your tenant does not have the right to bar you from accessing the real estate that you own.  The law requires only that you visit at reasonable times and with reasonable notice.  Absent an emergency, it is best to give notice of a visit at least 24 hours in advance.  Notice of an inspection can be given by telephone, voice mail, text or e-mail.

New laws taking effect in Illinois in 2020 that may affect you

The most well-known new Illinois law is the one making recreational, non-medicinal use of marijuana legal.  There are still restrictions on where you can acquire marijuana and on where it can be smoked.  Also, it is still a violation of federal law to use marijuana despite Illinois laws.  On the plus side, many people with past misdemeanor marijuana related convictions are having their records expunged.

Minimum wage will jump from $8.25 to $9.25 statewide.

Experience Matters

Here at the Law Offices of Thaddeus M. Bond, Jr. & Associates, P.C., our two attorneys have nearly 60 years combined experience practicing in Lake County, IL.  Our title insurance officer and escrow closer has over 30 years experience as well.  How does this help our clients?

Legal Fees for an Eviction

Wondering what it costs to evict a tenant in Lake County, Illinois?  Here is our current fee structure:

  • $500 flat fee plus costs for an uncontested case.  $800 flat fee plus costs if the tenant requests and is granted a trial or files a motion to vacate a default judgment.
  • Costs average $400-$800 and cover such things as the court filing fee, service of process fees and/or the costs to have the sheriff schedule and attend an eviction.

I won my eviction lawsuit. Now what?

In order to win an eviction case, you need to convince a judge that the occupant of the property no longer has the right to be there, either because of non-payment of rent or violation of other lease terms.  Once you prove to the court that a proper pre-lawsuit notice was served and the tenant still did not leave, you will get an order telling the tenant to vacate.  If the tenant still does not leave, you must hire the county sheriff to enforce the court order.


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