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November 19, 2016

In adoption matters and cases involving disputed child custody, Illinois courts will often appoint a guardian ad litem. The "GAL" acts as an advisor to the judge and normally prepares a report and recommendations as to how to proceed. This usually involves interviewing the child, the birth parents and/or step parents or other custodial adult. The GAL tries to obtain as much relevant information as possible to determine the best interests of the child and the best place for him or her to reside.

November 07, 2016

Succession planning involves anticipating how you'll turn your business over to someone else when you retire, become disabled or die unexpectedly.  Considerations can be quite different for a family business than they would be for a partnership or closely held corporation.

October 19, 2016

Prenuptial agreements can be vital to protecting the interests of both you and your soon to be spouse.  While many couples avoid discussing this uncomfortable subject, a prenuptial agreement can become very valuable in the future.  Asking your fiancée to sign a prenuptial agreement does not mean that you lack faith in the strength of the relationship.  It just means that you are hoping to minimize str

October 10, 2016

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act was significantly changed effective January 1, 2016.  One major change relates to the treatment of minor children arising from the marriage.   The terms “custody” and “visitation” will no longer be used.  Instead, the statute refers to “parental responsibilities” and “parenting time.”

September 30, 2016

A home is the largest investment most people will ever make. While using an attorney is not required, for a modest fee (our firm charges $500 for residential closings on property located in Lake County, IL) you can avoid a huge number of potential pitfalls. Your real estate broker and your lender typically work on commission. They have a financial incentive to get the deal closed regardless of the consequences to you. A lawyer is bound to care only about your best interests.

September 15, 2016

Everyone likes to save money.  However, when it comes to estate planning, online services like LegalZoom and are hardly the bargain they promise to be.  In fact, the legal community has not resisted the proliferation of these services primarily because they result, in many cases, in the lawyers

September 07, 2016

Advertisements are everywhere offering low cost, inexpensive divorces.  What these teaser ads don't tell you is that the discount rate is available only in very rare cases: spouses with limited assets, no children and an agreement among themselves on how to divide the few things they did acquire while married.  A divorce, like all litigation matters, can go smoothly or it can drag on for many years.  Our attorneys bill our time on an hourly basis.  We require an initial retainer which will cover the minimum cost expected to hand

August 26, 2016

June Peterson-Gleason has been licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois since November 1990.  Her concentration is in the area of family law, including divorce, child support, post decree,paternity, guardianship, mediation and related domestic matters.

August 18, 2016

Bad tenants are a fact of life when you are a landlord.  Late payments, failure to pay at all or unreasonable behavior are bound to happen any time you rent your property to someone.  Our best advice to clients is that bad tenants never get better.  Once it becomes apparent that the lessee will be problematic, you should move quickly to terminate the lease and get them out of the property.

August 11, 2016

Legal matters can be very stressful and can have a big impact on your life. Thus it is very important that you develop a strong relationship with your attorney. This relationship is a two way street and requires both you and your lawyer to be committed to it for it to be successful. In general, the job of our attorneys is to look out for your best interests, explain all your options to you, take reasonable directions from you on your case, be fair with our fees and communicate with you regularly regarding our progress on your behalf.