Recent Settlements and Verdicts

Serving Waukegan, Libertyville, Lake County, Gurnee & nearby areas of Illinois

$500,000.00 40 year old married mother of two rear ended by intoxicated teenager in an auto accident. Multiple leg, hand and rib fractures with scarring from three surgical procedures. Settled following mediation after initial offer of only $200,000.00.

Over $400,000.00 in lump sum recoveries for land owners who have lost their real estate due to a tax sale.

$250,000.00 recovered from title company on behalf of general contractor. Property owner was allowed by lender to take cash out from construction loan without paying off multiple liens for labor and materials.

$225,000.00 obtained in settlement for one of four heirs to a decedent’s estate. Our client’s siblings attempted to deny him any inheritance even though he was the parent’s primary care giver during the last years of her life.

$200,000.00 Arbitration award against general contractor and several subcontractors for poorly constructed roof and frame.

$150,000.00 settlement for wrongful death of disabled infant. Nursing home failed to have sufficient number of properly trained staff on duty. Award reduced due to short life expectancy of child.

Tax deed vacated due to failure to provide proper notice. Client recovered title to condominium worth $250,000.00

$145,000.00 Award against insurer for fire damage to residential property. No settlement offer made before trial.

$135,000.00 Combined settlement of worker’s compensation claim and personal injury case. 64 year old delivery driver hit by a truck while parked. Multiple injuries to head, shoulder and back. No surgery.

$125,000.00 summary judgment on behalf of a shareholder who was wrongfully disassociated from a company he helped found.