Recent Settlements and Verdicts

Serving Waukegan, Libertyville, Lake County, Gurnee & nearby areas of Illinois

$85,000.00 judgment in favor of property owners and against a county indemnity fund. Our clients lost their home of 40 years due to non-payment of real estate taxes despite being notified of court proceedings which affected their title

$115,000.00 settlement with title company which paid out construction escrow funds without verifying that work had been completed by the contractor and without obtaining written permission from the home owner.

$85,000.00 Settlement after jury selection in lawsuit against home builder alleging fraud and misrepresentation in the sale of the property.

$80,000.00 recovered by partner who was wrongfully removed from limited liability company.

$75,000.00 paid by county trustee to investment company that purchased property at an auction of public lands which had a title defect created by a government agency.

$73,000.00 in real estate commission recovered from sellers who attempted to defraud the listing agent.

$75,000.00 Settlement of worker’s compensation claim seeking disputed lost wages and permanent disability benefits. 47 year old male with operated knee injury from slip and fall.

$50,000.00 judgment obtained and paid by company who retained a vendor, accepted goods and services and refused to pay for them.

$50,000.00 recovered from employer who failed to pay a contractual severance package to an executive whose contract not renewed as required.

$50,000.00 judgment obtained and paid to materials supplier from company that resold the materials and kept all the proceeds for itself.