Recent Settlements and Verdicts

Serving Waukegan, Libertyville, Lake County, Gurnee & nearby areas of Illinois

$50,000.00 Worker’s compensation award for 32 year old carpenter with severe leg laceration caused by misuse of tool by a co-worker.

$45,000.00 Worker’s Compensation settlement. 34 year old male with crush injury to his forearm when a piece of heavy machinery fell.

$45,000.00 settlement for a broken arm caused by negligent use of a watercraft by an intoxicated minor

$40,000.00 real estate commission recovered. Broker procured a buyer but the seller failed to notify our client that a contract had been signed and the transaction had closed.

$35,000.00 recovered from land surveyor. Erroneous survey forced property owner to reconfigure and rebuild portions of a large back yard landscaping and improvement project.

$30,000.00 recovered for home buyer from sellers who did not disclose a defective sewer line.

$30,000.00 recovered for land developer/consultant who was not paid for his services by owner at time of closing.

$25,000.00 recovered for architect via foreclosure of mechanic's lien.

Fence litigation. Prevailed in litigation by multiple homeowners to have a fence which violated association rules torn down. Also succeeded in defending a homeowner against lawsuits by her association and by a municipality to tear down a fence which had previously received the proper permits and approvals.

Title returned to elderly owner. Successfully sued to have a fraudulent and forged deed to an 87 year old woman’s home invalidated. Affirmed on appeal. Resulted in three mortgages placed against the home removed as liens on title