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We realize that there are many online services available which offer to help you create your own will.  While it may be tempting to use them as many of these services are inexpensive, having an improper estate plan can be worse than having no estate plan at all.  Some common problems with these do it yourself services:

  • They are generic and not tailored to the specific state where you reside
  • They fail to provide proper guidance on witness and notarization requirements which can make the documents invalid and unenforceable
  • They fail to give you proper direction on how to handle the original documents.  Original documents are very important after you pass away
  • They fail to have sufficient contingencies built in to deal with an executor or heir who predeceases you or dies at the same time as you

A proper estate plan will address all of your significant assets and will help you avoid probate court if you become disabled or when you pass away.  An online service will not be available to help you if you have questions later or if you want to change your estate plan in the future.  An attorney will make sure that your documents comply with current laws and that all of your concerns are addressed, at the time of signing or in the future.  If you are planning on creating an estate plan or are just looking to update your existing plan, feel free to contact us.