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Myth No. 1: Do-it-yourself or online wills are sufficient.  Computer-generated forms and fill-in-the-blank templates, while inexpensive and tempting to use, can’t provide the expert legal advice you need to properly plan your estate. Enlist the services of a qualified estate planning attorney, whose knowledge and experience will ultimately save your estate money and eliminate problems.

Myth No. 2: If you are young or in good health, it’s not necessary to create an estate plan. Estate plans aren’t just for people who are dying. They’re for people like you who want to make sure that their children go to the right guardian and that the items they leave behind are distributed to loved ones and favorite causes as they envision. Emergencies happen. You should have your will and other important documents in order.

Myth No. 3: Your will or living trust covers everything, so as long as it is created and kept up to date, your estate plan is complete.  Not necessarily.  Jointly owned assets with rights of survivorship pass to the surviving owner regardless of what your will or trust says. Plus, your retirement assets or life insurance proceeds may never reach your rightful heirs if you’ve failed to update the beneficiary designation form.  Completing new forms and using a trust as a beneficiary will make sure you won’t leave these assets to a deceased parent, former spouse or other unintended beneficiary.

Your estate plan gives you the power to ensure that your loved ones have the bright future you envision. Contact us for assistance.