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Family court can be very stressful.  Among the many issues you will have to deal with is payment of attorney’s fees.  Prospective clients frequently ask us how much they can expect to spend.  The answer is rarely simple.

We are currently billing our time on family law matters at $275 per hour.  At our initial meeting, we will learn more about your case and request an advance payment retainer based upon the minimum amount you can expect to spend.  We normally request anywhere from $1000 to $5000 up front.  We then bill our time against the initial retainer.  Once the initial retainer is used up, you are expected to pay monthly invoices for ongoing work.

We strive to keep our client’s bills as low as possible but there are many factors out of our control.  The cooperation level of your spouse and their attorney will have a big impact on how much you spend.  The amount of time and access to our attorneys required by you will also affect your billing.  Clients will sometime present us with a case which they believe to be fairly simple and straight forward.  Unanticipated issues or fights often make the case more complex and time consuming, and thus more expensive, than first thought.

We understand that our services are costly and are willing to make reasonable arrangements for payment if needed.  We accept all commonly used credit cards which can be a good way for you to pay your invoice over time.  However, we will not continue on a case if our client makes no effort to timely pay our invoices or provide any assurance of payment for future requested work.  Our clients must always evaluate their desire to win a case or particular issue against the cost of obtaining that victory.

If you are contemplating getting divorced and would like to discuss how much you can expect it to cost, feel fee to contact us at (847) 599-9101.