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Advertisements are everywhere offering low cost, inexpensive divorces.  What these teaser ads don’t tell you is that the discount rate is available only in very rare cases: spouses with limited assets, no children and an agreement among themselves on how to divide the few things they did acquire while married.  A divorce, like all litigation matters, can go smoothly or it can drag on for many years.  Our attorneys bill our time on an hourly basis.  We require an initial retainer which will cover the minimum cost expected to handle your case.  It is impossible to predict the exact amount of our time that will be required.  The characters of the parties involved, the level of cooperation between the parties, as well as the nature of the opposing attorney all have a bearing on the amount of time that will be spent on the case.  We try to be clear with new clients that we cannot know exactly what their divorce will cost as there are so many factors that are out of control.  Our standard retainer agreement reflects these truths.  All we can do is promise to send regular bills and keep you posted as best we can on the amount of time being billed on your case.  We never strive to run up your bill, do not charge for every single thing we do on your behalf and do our best to minimize the amount charged.   In return, we ask our clients to give the same effort to paying the bill that we put in to properly handling your case.  Remember that our bills do not just pay the lawyers. They also cover support staff and the substantial overhead required of running a professional office.

It is better to have an honest, up front lawyer than the one who uses teaser advertising and promises of huge discounts to lure you in.  In life, you get what you pay for.  If are involved in a divorce, feel free to contact us to see if we are the right match for you.