Landlord & Tenant Disputes

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As a landlord, you reasonably expect that the people to whom you lease your property will be not only tenants, but caretakers as well. Landlord / tenant disputes occur because you expect that tenants will:

  • Comply with all the terms of the lease
  • Pay the agreed rent in full and in a timely fashion
  • Not cause unreasonable damage to the property
  • Communicate with you on a regular basis about the state of the property
  • Report maintenance problems early before they grow
  • Allow visits for inspection of the property

Sadly, though, tenants too often do not follow these reasonable expectations for their behavior, and the consequences for you and your property can be disastrous.
If you are a landlord, a lawyer can help you in all phases of your relationship with your tenants, including:

  • Writing an enforceable lease
  • Preventing or monitoring damage to the property
  • Getting rent on time
  • Avoiding rent lost to repair-and-deduct actions
  • Evicting troublesome tenants
  • Assembling documentary evidence in defense or prosecution of a civil trial over property damage
  • Protecting yourself against code violation charges

In any of these cases, not consulting with a lawyer about landlord / tenant disputes can lead to major errors that leave you without recourse in the event of grievous damage to your property. Protect yourself and your property by making sure you act within Illinois law regarding your tenant dispute.

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