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Family law is always a sensitive area, as it deals with the most important parts of our lives. This is never more true than when children are involved. In cases where the paternity of a child is at question, tempers can easily flare. This is understandable. But if you're involved in a paternity dispute, you don't need anger: you need experienced representation.

The Lake County family law attorneys at The Law Offices of Thaddeus M. Bond, Jr. & Associates, P.C. can help you in your paternity dispute and make sure you are treated fairly by the legal system and the other party.

Paternity Disputes For The Purposes of Establishing Custody

Paternity disputes tend to fall into one of two general categories. In the first, the father is usually suing to establish paternity so that he might be granted certain child custody rights. These rights can range all the way to a full shared custody agreement with the mother, or they can be as simple as visitation rights with the child.

A DNA test is the only way to prove paternity and lay claim to your rights as the child's father. If the mother of your child is attempting to put the child up for adoption, you can attempt to halt the proceedings once you have established paternity. Once the test proves paternity you will have expanded legal options which you can pursue.

The family law attorneys at The Law Offices of Thaddeus M. Bond, Jr. & Associates, P.C. are experienced with paternity disputes and helping fathers claim their rights under the law.

Paternity Disputes to Establish Child Support

The other broad category of paternity dispute is an attempt to prove paternity so that the father can be legally held responsible for paying child support. Child support law in Illinois is quite complicated, and the attorneys at The Law Offices of Thaddeus M. Bond, Jr. & Associates, P.C. will walk you through the process to ensure your rights are protected.

In most instances, establishing paternity is a necessary first step to pursuing child support payments from the father. For this reason, it is crucial that you consult our Lake County paternity lawyers as soon as possible.

If you're involved in either type of paternity dispute and you need help in pursuing your rights under the law, please contact The Law Offices of Thaddeus M. Bond, Jr. & Associates, P.C to arrange a free consultation.

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