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Our Lake County personal injury attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals who have sustained physical injuries and other damages as the result of the negligent or intentional conduct of others. Our personal injury lawyers are specialized in the following areas of practice.

Our civil justice system was established so that the citizens of this country would be held responsible for their own actions or their own failure to act when appropriate. Rather than expecting the police or other government officials to invade every aspect of our lives, individuals or businesses can be sued and be forced to answer for their wrongful behavior.

In most instances, the party who will compensate you for your loss is an insurance company rather than the person who was negligent. Insurance companies have claims adjusters, investigators and attorneys who will discourage you from pursuing a valid claim or will try to settle with you for an unfairly low amount. If you believe your damages are the result of the negligent or intentional conduct of others, you need a personal injury attorney who will protect your best interests.

If we review your case and decide to accept it, our personal injury attorneys will pursue all parties who may be obligated to compensate you. Do not be alarmed if the negligent party was uninsured. Oftentimes, your own insurance may compensate you for the wrongful acts of others. Our firm is experienced in finding all insurance policies that provide coverage for your claim.

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While no one can change the past, our civil justice system can compensate those who have been injured as the result of the negligent or intentional conduct of others. Initial consultations with our Libertyville office are always free. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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Our personal injury attorneys serve clients throughout Wisconsin and Illinois including Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Gurnee, Grayslake, Lake County, and Waukegan.