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Business and residential real estate matters involve your livelihood, your finances and your future. Whether the legal issue you are facing has arisen because of your profession, or because you are buying or selling a home, we can help.

At the Law Offices of Thaddeus M. Bond, Jr. & Associates, our experienced real estate attorneys provide legal services for a wide range of issues.

Your consultation with us is free, so there is no risk in finding out how we can help you. To learn more, please call our offices at 847.599.9101. We have two locations, in Waukegan and Libertyville, Illinois.
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Common Real Estate Claims

Whether you are dealing with commercial or residential real estate, our attorneys can help. Claims we handle most often involve:

If you aren't sure if we can help you or if you even need a lawyer, please call us. After learning more about your situation, we'll let you know if and how we can help. Our lawyers are personally driven by obtaining great results for our clients.

As far as real estate matters are concerned, we have helped buyers, sellers, developers, landlords, property managers, small to mid-size companies, LLCs, contractors and others. Illinois law as well as federal law may be a factor in certain cases. We have the required experience, knowledge and resources to deal with these issues.

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

There are many reasons to take advantage of the services of our attorneys, including:

  • An experienced and knowledgeable advocate on your side.  Because we have been handling real estate claims in Illinois for many years, we know what to expect from the process and what protocols are required. Don't let a complex process derail your deal. We help our clients avoid common pitfalls and navigate the process more smoothly.
  • Saves time. There are many things that must happen before closing – steps that both buyer and seller must complete. We make sure each step is completed cleanly. It's not uncommon for a buyer or seller to make a mistake that ends up costing them a lot of time and hassle. We'll help you avoid that situation.
  • May save you money. If a mistake is made but not caught until later, you may end up having to go to great expense to defend yourself. Our lawyers may end up saving you money by preventing mistakes.
  • Ensures all aspects are completed correctly. Avoid the deal falling through and make sure you get the outcome you want. Our attorneys will be looking out for your best interest, so that you can be assured you are not getting a bad deal.

Our goal is to have your real estate transaction go smoothly. Both parties can benefit from having an attorney, and we will be dedicated to you and you alone. We are personally driven by obtaining great results for our clients. Real estate matters can have a profound effect on your life, and we do not take this responsibility lightly. We will fight tirelessly for the best possible results for you.

Questions about Real Estate Litigation

Why should I consult a real estate lawyer?

For an individual or a small business, the purchase or sale of real estate is one of the most important transactions in which you are likely to engage. It is also one of the most complex, with numerous variables that depend on specialized knowledge to evaluate. Mistakes or complications in these high-value transactions can lead to financial ruin for you or your business. To avoid problems, it is important to consult with a lawyer whose knowledge can keep you from getting into a problem.

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How can a real estate lawyer help me?
A real estate lawyer can do many things for you. For example, a lawyer can make sure the seller of a property you intend to purchase actually has a good and marketable title to that property.

The lawyer can also order a survey of the property to make sure all structures and purported assets are actually within the property boundaries. The lawyer can make sure there's been a full disclosure on the part of the seller and prospective purchaser. A real estate lawyer also has a large body of general knowledge that can warn you of problems with buildings in a particular area, by a particular builder, or of a particular style of which you may otherwise have been unaware.

Even if there are no problems, a real estate lawyer can prepare most of your paperwork, saving you time and trouble, ensuring that it complies with the most recent real estate laws, and avoiding any unnecessary fees.

What if I have a contract that I must sign before I could consult with a lawyer, but am now feeling doubts about?

If necessary, you can sign "subject to attorney's approval," then consult with our lawyers right away. If your lawyer identifies problems with the contract or the property, you can still back out of the contract or demand modifications, typically within 3-5 days after signing.

Are there any times I should consult a real estate lawyer other than when purchasing or selling a property?

Yes. You should definitely consult our lawyers immediately if you discover the property is other than it had been represented. You should also consult our firm whenever you are considering serious construction or renovation on a property. We can review your contract and the builder's plans for any major flaws and make sure you have sufficient legal recourse under the terms of the contract.

What kinds of construction issues can your lawyers help me with?

We can help you with any issues that arise before, during or following the construction, including:

  • Plans not in accordance with agreement
  • Construction not according to plans
  • Failure to account for geologic hazards such as soil expansion or slope instability
  • Damage to existing structures
  • Poor workmanship
  • Undue delays
  • Improper interruption of utilities

In many cases, you can hold your builders, contractors and subcontractors accountable for breach of contract.

Do real estate lawyers handle issues with rental properties?

Yes. If you are leasing a property and experience difficulty with your tenants, you should consult an attorney as soon as problems arise. If your tenants are giving you problems, whether they are chronically slow in paying rent or damaging the property, you should consult an attorney before you begin eviction proceedings to make sure you do not make yourself liable for civil damages or even criminal prosecution.

Choosing an Attorney for Your Claim

Whether you are dealing with a real estate dispute, a closing or some other transaction, our attorneys can help. Please review our case results to see our past achievements.

With so many attorneys from which to choose, how do you know who is right for you? When you meet with potential attorneys for your initial case review, we encourage you to ask the following questions to get a sense of their abilities:

  • How much experience do you have with real estate law and transactions in Illinois specifically?
  • Do you foresee any challenges with my case?
  • Have you handled cases similar to mine?
  • How often do you handle real estate cases? Is it a routine part of your practice?
  • What can I do to help my case?
  • Who will be in contact with me from your firm?
  • Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience practicing in Lake County. We know you have a lot wrapped up in the dispute or real estate issue you are dealing with, and we pride ourselves on our accessibility to our clients. Our attorneys will communicate with you about the progress of your case, and we will return your calls and emails when you have concerns or questions.

"Ted and his associate Angie guided our contracting and closing. Both were very professional and helpful, working with us to ensure we achieved what we intended on a shortened timeline. During closing, Ted was generous with his time and thoroughly explained the context for each document before signing. Highly recommend this practice."  - Dan A.

Your Case Review

If you are searching for an experienced, knowledgeable real estate attorney in Illinois, please call the Law Offices of Thaddeus M. Bond, Jr. & Associates, at 847.599.9101. With offices in Libertyville and Waukegan, our attorneys offer a free initial consultation so you can find out what your options are and how we can help. We proudly provide legal services for people from across the state and surrounding region, including Gurnee and all of Lake County.

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