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Real estate home purchase

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, the closing of a real estate purchase is a very important event. By signing the final contract, legal obligations are triggered. As experienced real estate lawyers in Illinois, we can assist both purchasers and sellers in these transactions.

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A Closing Lawyer on Your Side

When it comes to real estate closings, our attorneys can look out for what is in your best interest with the following services:

  • Review of sales contract
  • Correction of unusual or improper terms
  • Negotiations on home inspection items
  • Review of the title search and survey
  • Review of the loan documents and closing documents
  • Attending the closing

Call us today to find out how we can help you. Combined, our attorneys have more than 50 years of experience practicing law in Lake County. We are personally committed to accessibility and to obtaining the best possible results for you. Please visit our case results page to learn more.

With years of experience in real estate transactions, our attorneys can provide referrals for realtors, loan officers, home inspectors, title companies and surveyors with whom we have had positive experiences. Contact us today to learn more.

How We Can Assist with Real Estate Closings

real estate closing deal

Whether you are the seller or the buyer in the deal, don't wait to call our real estate attorneys. We can provide the legal services you need, tailored to where you are in the process. Here are some of the things we do for our clients:

Title Examination and Title Insurance. The purchaser of real estate needs to make certain that the seller has good and marketable title to the property. Your real estate lawyer will order a title search from a reputable title insurance agent with intimate knowledge of the land records for your area. He will review the title commitment and resolve any curable defects at or prior to closing. Your lawyer will explain to you any limitations on your rights that cannot be removed so that you are fully informed as to the status of the property. Your lawyer will also make certain that the purchaser receives a policy of title insurance that protects both the purchaser and the seller in the event a party alleging an undisclosed interest in the property makes a claim. He will assure that the purchaser's lender, if any, receives a title policy meeting its requirements.

Real Estate Survey. Your real estate lawyer will order and/or review a survey of the property prepared by a reputable licensed surveyor, unless the property involved is a condominium. He will ascertain whether the house and other structures are within the boundary lines and whether the purchaser's rights in the land are protected. He will advise the seller on how to resolve any encroachments that may be discovered.

Real Estate Closing. Your real estate attorney will prepare many of the documents required to close. He is intimately familiar with recent changes in the law and will make certain that the paper work complies. In addition, your real estate lawyer will review the numerous documents prepared by the purchaser's lender and will explain those documents to you. Your real estate lawyer is also responsible for preparing and/or reviewing all closing figures. He will explain what is happening with your money and assure that you do not pay any inappropriate charges.

Any real estate deal – residential or commercial, big property or small – is a significant transaction for both parties. Our attorneys will make sure all steps in the process are carried out in the appropriate manner, so that you can rest assured you are getting a deal you feel good about.

Attorney's Fees for Closing Services

For the majority of residential closings in Lake County, Illinois, we charge a flat rate of $500. Call us for more information and to find out if this fee applies to you. Our case reviews are free.

With decades of combined experience in our area, we know the local laws, ordinances, rules and customs that could affect your closing. Rely on us to look out for what is in your best interest.

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