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In the current down market, opportunists seeking to prey on those who are struggling with their mortgage obligations are rampant. In all too many cases, a homeowner’s first contact with legal counsel comes too late to prevent some or all of the harm inflicted by the unethical. Beware those who send solicitations promising to save your equity and to keep you in your home. All too often, they are more interested in taking your equity for themselves and not worrying about your best interests. If you are presented with a contract, deed or any other legal document which affects your home, contact our real estate attorneys to have it reviewed. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. If you’ve already signed documents and discovered that they are not all that was promised, our litigation attorneys can help minimize the damage and try to correct any fraud that might have been perpetrated. For most people, their home is far and away the most valuable asset they own. You need to do whatever you can to legally protect your rights.