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We make it too hard for candidates to get their names on ballots. The omnipotent leaders of our two parties have manipulated the rules to favor their candidates. They require an onerous number of voter signatures on petitions. Getting the signatures on the petitions is easy for the Democrats and Republicans since they can afford to pay people to get them. Independents and those who have not sucked up to the leaders of the big two struggle with this process. Irregularities in the forms used or in the signatures obtained lead to challenges, usually by party higher ups who do not want the competition. Best of all, the challenges are heard by elected officials. Although the members of these boards may not be direct competitors of the prospective candidates, they are often allied with those who are opposing the challenged candidate. (And we wonder why this state is filled with graft and corruption) I say allow anyone on the ballot who wants to be on it. If we insist on petitions being submitted, reduce the number of required signatures significantly. When the petitions are challenged, let an independent arbiter hear the case instead of elected officials with a vested interest. Our two party system has failed miserably, resulting in exorbitant tax rates and unethical elected officials everywhere. We need true democracy. Voters are intelligent enough to chose between more than just a few candidates for any given office.