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We are all constantly reminded of the economic troubles our world is facing. Taxpayers have lower earnings resulting in smaller tax payments to the government. In the State of Illinois and elsewhere, some politicians simply suggest raising tax rates so that they will not have to cut their already bloated budgets. The simple fact is that all governments (federal, state and local) are wasteful and inefficient. One example: many libraries now offer free access to DVD’s and video games. When did it become society’s forced obligation to fund free entertainment for those too cheap to buy their own? Were libraries really created for this purpose? Seems to me that libraries are becoming obsolete by virtue of the large amounts of research material available online. One might suggest that the libraries have expanded their offerings to encompass more entertainment options not in furtherance of their mission but instead to perpetuate their own existence and the jobs of those who work there. This unnecessary spending is just one of many examples of government becoming too big for its own good. Before any politician dare ask us for more money (we already work 4-1/2 months of every year just to pay taxes), we must insist that they eliminate waste, inefficiency and unnecessary services just as many private enterprises have already done.