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Our firm is one of the very few in the greater Chicago area which handles litigation involving the sale and foreclosure of delinquent real estate tax certificates. Most real estate in Illinois is subject to property tax payable in two installments per year. If one or both installments go unpaid, those taxes are offered for sale at an annual auction conducted by the county. Professional investors compete to purchase the tax sale certificates with the winning bid going to the party that offers the lowest interest penalty rate.

The amount of time allowed to pay the delinquent taxes varies with the type of property involved. Also, the tax buyer has some discretion as to how much time to allow the sold taxes to be paid back. The amount owed continues to increase over time due to interest penalties, statutory costs and the possible payment by the tax buyer of subsequent years taxes.
Our firm represents many different tax buyers in court cases involving the foreclosure of delinquent tax sale certificates. Property Tax Code requirements are very complicated and strict. An inexperienced tax buyer or attorney should not attempt to handle such cases on their own. They should instead seek the assistance of someone with many years of practice handling such matters.
Our firm also represents property owners and other parties with an interest in real estate that is the subject of a petition for tax deed. In many cases, we can prevent the loss of ownership due to the tax buyer’s failure to meet all legal requirements. In some instances, we can obtain compensation for those who lose title to their property to the tax sale process.
Real estate tax sales and foreclosures are complex proceedings. Contact us if you need assistance with these types of cases.