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The reason or basis for a divorce proceeding is referred to as the “grounds”. Illinois does have a “no fault” grounds referred to as “irreconcilable differences”. In order to file for divorce under irreconcilable differences, the couple must live separate and apart for at least two years, or, the couple may sign a stipulation or agreement stating they have resided separate and apart for at least six months. There are also “fault” grounds in Illinois, which include the following:

Naturally impotent
Bigamy (more than one spouse)
Commit Adultery
Desertion for one year or longer
Habitual Drunkenness for two years
Excessive use of addictive drugs for two years
Attempted murder by the respondent against the petitioner
Extreme and repeated acts of physical or mental cruelty
Infecting the petitioner with a sexually-transmitted disease
Convicted of a felony
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