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Either spouse can get a divorce simply by stating that irreconcilable differences have caused a breakdown in the marriage and that the two parties have been separated for at least two years. If both spouses are in agreement that there should be a divorce, they can agree in writing that the marriage can be ended after only six months’ separation. If the spouses have been separated less than two years and aren’t in agreement that a divorce should occur, the spouse wanting the divorce must prove one of the following grounds for divorce:

– Impotence of the other spouse
– The spouse had another spouse living at the time of marriage, or has committed adultery or deserted the spouse wanting the divorce
– The spouse has attempted to kill the spouse wanting the divorce by poisoning or other malicious means
– Extreme and repeated mental or physical cruelty
– Conviction of a felony or an infamous
crime- Infection of the spouse with a sexually transmitted disease
– Excessive use of addictive drugs for two or more years

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