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Many lawyers take cases, including personal injury and other matters, on what’s called a “contingency fee basis.” The client is not required to pay any attorney’s fees until they recover against the Defendant or their insurance company. If there is no recovery in the case, the lawyer will not charge any attorney’s fees. The lawyer is taking a risk by hoping to receive a higher fee than they might otherwise receive balanced against the possibility that they may not get any compensation for their services.

The exact contingency percentage charged varies from case to case. Percentages also sometime vary according to how much of a collection risk the lawyer perceives. Failing to find a lawyer to take your claim on a contingency fee basis may be a sign that you do not have a very good case.
There are typically expenses which must be incurred in pursuing a case. These include copies of  reports and  records, court reporter fees and court filing fees.  A good lawyer will advance these costs but expect you to repay them at the time of final settlement. If your case in unsuccessful, you may be required to repay the expenses advanced by your lawyer.
Many cases require the use of expert witnesses. Experts cannot work on a contingency fee basis. Payment for the expert’s costs and fees must be worked out between you and your attorney.
Our lawyers evaluate each individual case and can work with you to determine whether a contingency fee, an hourly fee or a flat rate is appropriate. Feel free to contact us to discuss your case.