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It seems that those who are seeking to take billions of taxpayer dollars and redistribute them to those they consider most worthy do not feel the need to contribute their own funds to the pot. Several cabinet nominees withdrew their candidacies after it was disclosed they failed to pay all of their taxes. The new head of the treasury department, and thus in charge of the same IRS we are all forced to pay, conveniently ignored some of his tax obligations for several years. Sorry folks but it ain’t that complicated. Report ALL of your income. Everyone knows how much they have been paid and what revenues were generated by their assets. Track all of your expenses. How hard is it to keep canceled checks and receipts? Hire a tax professional, especially if you itemize deductions. A good one will save you a lot more money than you pay for the service. It is baffling that all these government big shots cannot follow these simple practices. Perhaps all that time in D.C. in a position of influence and power makes one feel as though they are immune from the rules they force upon us “regular people”. I suggest one simple rule: if you don’t pay what you owe (on time, not after you get caught), you never get to work for the government. Considering these delinquents have avoided any criminal prosecution or jail time, it hardly seems like much of a punishment to be demoted from the Washington elite to a “regular person.”