Serving Waukegan, Libertyville, Lake County, Gurnee & nearby areas of Illinois

Legal issues can be very emotional, costly and very time consuming for our clients.  As such, we always strive to have a strong attorney client relationship.  We have a successful practice and consider ourselves a boutique firm, meaning that we are selective about the clients we choose to represent.  We have no interest in battling with our clients or spending time working for someone who is not completely happy with our services.  We recognize that we are not the right match for every person and that our clients will not always agree with our recommendations.  When someone is unhappy with us in any way, we always offer to withdraw from the case and allow the client to find another law firm that is a better fit.

We can only promise that we will be accessible, will try to communicate with you as frequently as needed and will give you our honest and best evaluation of your case.  In return, we ask that our clients remain in communication with us, provide requested information in a timely fashion and pay their bills as agreed.  This formula has resulted in much of our firm’s business coming from repeat customers and referrals. 

We are always willing to talk to see whether we are the right match for a prospective client.  We often are not because of the nature of the case or because of expectations or demands we are unwilling to meet.  In most cases, we create strong client relationships and achieve desirable results for our clients.  We strive every day to build our practice with clients whom we enjoy working for and who in turn appreciate our services.  Feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you.