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On April 7th, Lake County voters will be presented with an advisory referendum on whether to extend Route 53 from Buffalo Grove to Route 120 and on to Waukegan. I for one support this initiative. East-west travel in central Lake County can be a disaster. Although our government often has funds available to waste on unnecessary and inefficient programs, it can and should be responsible for providing adequate roads and infrastructure. Much of the positive growth in our county can be attributed to the development of the Illinois tollway. An east-west companion to that north-south route can only result in more and better businesses, jobs and positive development opportunities in our community. The selfish attitudes of the “not in my back yard” community should not continue defeating the greater good. Besides, everyone has known for years where the proposed expansion would run. Their complaints sound like those who move near the airport and complain that it’s too loud. Vote yes on April 7th. Maybe a positive result will finally result in this long needed project getting off the ground.