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One of the questions on our November 4th ballots will be whether Illinois should hold another constitutional convention. Such a convention would allow for modifications to the current constitution or the drafting of an entirely new document. I feel that such a convention is not only advisable but necessary. Our state has seen a run of high level leadership being indicted, convicted and investigated. Special interests and big money control too much of the decision making. This has resulted in inadequate roads, infrastructure and public schools and a very poor return on the large number of tax dollars we have been forced to invest. Any system which allows and perpetuates such failure should not be tolerated. When it is nearly impossible to remove the elite from power, the rules have to be changed. Regrettably, the current leadership will have a great deal of control over a constitutional convention if it takes place. However, demanding new rules and a new system might be the only way to improve the poor political climate that now exists. Too many of our elected officials forget that they are public servants and not servants of themselves and their friends. Vote yes on November 4th.