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With the beginning of the New Year, a number of new laws have gone into effect in the State of Illinois.

Monkeys can no longer be owned as pets. A grandfather clause allows current monkey owners to keep their animals but prevents any future sales of the primates.
The distribution or use of K2 is now banned. K2 is a marijuana substitute sometimes called fake weed.
Teenagers caught “sexting” with other teens are now eligible to be charged with a misdemeanor whose punishment includes supervision and education. Felony charges will be reserved for those over the age of 18 who send sexually explicit texts to minors.
Use of the red light cameras which have become prevalent throughout the State will now be more limited. Fines will no longer be issued for coming to a complete stop just over the white line. Also, the photos or video taken of any alleged infraction must be reviewed by a police officer before a citation is issued.