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Waukegan’s mayor has recently been pushing to have the city host an auto racing event through downtown streets. He claims this short lived event will provide an economic boost to the city. As usual, the concerns of city residents and property owners are being ignored. Has anyone looked at the damage such a race might cause to the streets, sidewalks, parkways and surrounding areas? Who will repair the damage? Who will pay for it? We suspect these costs will be dumped on the property owners even though they did nothing to cause the problems. Has a study been done to determine if the area can even handle the expected crowds? Where will all the spectators park? What guarantees do we have that there won’t be trespassing and vandalism to downtown properties? There has to be some quieter, less invasive event that could help promote the city and bring additional dollars to town. The property damage and cost of city services will far outweigh any benefits that will be gained from such a race.