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Effective June 1, 2014, the State of Illinois began recognizing same sex marriages for the first time.  With many marriages comes conflict.  In most instances, a divorce proceeding cannot be instituted until at least six months after the marriage became official.  Thus Illinois courts have only recently begun getting divorce petitions for same sex couples.  During February 2015, our firm became one of the first in Lake County, Illinois to successfully complete the dissolution of a same sex marriage.  Many of the issues in same sex marriages are familiar: division of property, payment of maintenance (commonly referred to as alimony), custody and visitation of children and payment of child support.  However, many issues are unique.  For example, dealing with laws from other states when the couple married elsewhere and then relocated to Illinois.  Our firm is well versed in addressing issues related to same sex couples.  If you need legal assistance with your marriage, please contact us.