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Many people I have spoken to have grown tired of the politically correct practice of saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. This time of year is a celebration of a glorious Christian holiday. Although other faiths and groups my also celebrate certain events in December, the fact remains that much of what is good about this time of year arises from the joy brought about by the recognition of the birth of Jesus Christ. As a practicing Catholic, I respect the beliefs of non-Christians and offer no direction to them on how to celebrate their holidays. The Christmas holiday should not be diminished just because we Christians are a majority group in this country. Nor should we be forced to include everyone in our celebration. Next time you are out in public, proudly say Merry Christmas to those you meet. For anyone who is offended by this salutation, lighten up. We Catholics believe in tolerance for all belief systems. All we ask is that you show us the same courtesy and respect that we show you.