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Like many professions, the practice of law has become overly specialized. Many attorneys limit themselves to handling only one area of the law or only certain types of cases. For example, a transactional lawyer may have no experience litigating and thus would have no idea how a judge might resolve a dispute between the parties to a real estate transaction. A full time litigator may have no idea how to amicably resolve matters without the input (and expense) of appearing before a judge and may shun methods of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration.

The failure to be well rounded and to have experience in multiple areas of the law can often be detrimental to the client. Our lawyers have over 40 years of combined civil practice in transactional work, litigation and conflict resolution. We can often handle overlaps between such issues as family law, real estate and business law with ease and with a minimum amount of expense. On those occasions when we are asked to address areas of the law such as criminal matters or bankruptcy, we can refer our clients to competent practitioners in those areas.
It is often best to stay away from those lawyers whose practices are overly specialized. One should also avoid lawyers who have little to no experience with the type of case you need handled. We are always willing to listen to prospective clients about potential new cases and whether we might be able to assist them. Feel free to
contact us at any time to see if we might be a match.