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During the worst economic recession of my lifetime, our Lake County Board continues to spend money like they have a never ending supply. As we speak, they are completing construction of a gargantuan and overly elaborate facility for the health department on Grand Avenue in Waukegan. They recently finished a palace for the building department in Libertyville, a department which is little needed these days but which has not significantly cut its budget. Now they want to spend over $4 million to acquire a new home for the forest preserve district in Libertyville. They have the audacity to argue that spending $4 million rather than staying in and maintaining the existing facilities will actually save money. What planet to they live on? This is the same board which complained vehemently about having to lay off 18 people out of a work force in excess of 3000. This nonsense has to stop. Vote against the incumbents this year so we can get some people who will behave in a responsible manner and cut spending instead of increasing it. The rest of us have had to tighten our belts. It’s time for Lake County government to do the same.