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Many lawyers, including our firm, advertise a free initial consultation.  At first glance, this may seem like a great deal.  Access to a lawyer at no cost!  However, most attorneys do not offer these free consultations out of benevolence.  They are instead provided to determine if the client has a case the lawyer is interested in taking and to see if a mutually agreeable fee arrangement can be reached.  Law firms and their staff will not just schedule an appointment to meet with anyone who asks.  They will instead try to get at least some background information from you to learn the basics of your case, if a lawyer who handles those types of matters is available and if you are a good match for the firm.  Be honest with the call screener you speak with about your case.  They can help you and the law firm avoid wasting each other’s time with an unnecessary face to face meeting.  If you and the firm are a good match, the free initial consultation can  help get your relationship off to a good start before you start incurring fees for the legal work.  It will also help you determine if you are willing to work with that particular lawyer or if another law firm might be a better fit.