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One of the many reform proposals floating around Springfield these days pertains to term limits for legislative leaders. In all matters of significance, including the budget, designated members of each political party handle the bulk of the negotiations to the exclusion of the rank and file. For example, Michael Madigan has been the leader of the House Democrats for many, many years. How many times has he appeared on your ballot? I know he has never been on mine because I don’t live in his district. The party leaders in the House and Senate hold enormous sway over legislative matters which affect all of us. Yet they are accountable only to their political parties and not to much of the electorate over whom they hold such control. I believe that party leaders in both houses of the General Assembly should be limited to one legislative session each. This will help reduce certain elected officials being significantly more powerful than others. It will also help instill confidence in the public that their interests are being placed ahead of those of party officials. Contact your state representative and state senator today to let them know if you agree.