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1) Stop your vehicle. Never leave the scene. Try to find a safe area away from traffic.

2) Call an ambulance if necessary. Not every locale has 911 service.
3) Always call the police. You will need an accident report. Never admit fault even if you think you might have been in the wrong. You have the right to refuse to talk to the police. If you feel you were not at fault, explain to the officer what happened.
4) Take pictures of the accident scene and the vehicles involved. Call a towing company if necessary.
5) Get contact information for any witnesses who are present. Make sure you get contact information for the other drivers and their insurance companies.
6) Share your insurance information with the other drivers even if you were not at fault. Report the accident to your insurance company even if you are not making a claim.
7) Get the advice of a good attorney as soon after the accident as possible.