Questions about Workers’ Compensation

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What kind of employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Every single employee is covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act. If you have been injured at your place of employment, while working in another state for your current employer, or for an employer whose place of business is in your state, you are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act.
Who is responsible for my injury and who will provide benefits if I have been injured at work?
By law, your employer is responsible for covering all of your benefits if you have been injured on the job. Some employers may provide benefits through a Workers’ Compensation insurance company. You will not be charged for any of the benefits provided by the Workers’ Compensation Act, or for your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance premium.
What kinds of injuries are covered by Workers’ Compensation?
Different kinds of jobs will lead to different types of injuries. For example, you have a much greater chance of being injured in a fall on a construction site than you do in an office environment. However, any worker who has been injured during the course of their employment may have a Workers’ Comp claim.
What happens if I have been injured and cannot return to my job?
If you cannot return to your job, but can still do some kind of job at a lower paying salary, you may still be entitled to benefits equal to 2/3 of the difference between the average gross weekly wage you took home prior to the accident and the wage you are taking home now.
However, if you cannot work at all and have been determined to be totally and completely disabled, you are entitled to weekly benefits at the worker’s Temporary Total Disability rate for life.
What are Temporary Total Disability benefits?
Temporary Total Disability benefits are 2/3 of the average gross weekly wage for the year proceeding your accident, excluding any bonuses. The benefits must be paid out 14 days from the date your employer or one of his or her agents receives notice of the accident.
Can I file a lawsuit against my employer for the injuries I sustained?
Not in Illinois. The only recourse you have against your employer is a Workers’ Compensation claim filed with the Illinois Industrial Commission.
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