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As a landlord, you know you have certain obligations to your tenants. You understand you have to abide by the terms of your lease and you have to provide your tenant with a safe, livable space. These are important obligations.

But your tenant has obligations too, and you have important rights as a landlord that should not be violated. The experienced real estate law attorneys at Thaddeus M. Bond Jr. & Associates, PC can represent you in a landlord-tenant dispute and fight for your rights.

Many landlords believe they’ll be able to work out any disputes with their tenants. Often that’s true. However, some tenants are simply not willing to voluntarily and productively discuss their situations. For those rare occasions when a tenant is being obstinate, refuses to respect your rights and violates the terms of his or her lease, you need a lawyer to fight for you.

How A Lawyer Can Help Protect Landlord Rights

The strongest foundation for landlord rights is a sound, easily understood, legally binding lease. The lease is your contract with your tenant. You are both bound to its terms. If either of you breaks the lease, Illinois law provides for certain avenues of redress.

As a landlord, you should ensure that the lease you sign with every tenant is fair to both parties and legally enforceable. Real estate is complicated in Illinois, and you do not want to try and draw up your own lease without legal assistance.

The real estate law attorneys at Thaddeus M. Bond Jr. & Associates, PC can help protect your rights as a landlord in many ways, but the most important thing we do for landlords is help draw up sound, legally enforceable leases. We have years of experience with this field of law, and we know what a good lease looks like.

Should your tenant violate the lease, we can help you pursue the appropriate legal action, up to and including eviction. Under Illinois law, a tenant does not have the right to punish a landlord by deducting the costs of needed repairs from rent without your consent or damaging the property. Speak with us to protect your rights.

If you’re a landlord in the Lake County area and you need a lawyer to protect your rights, please contact Thaddeus M. Bond Jr. & Associates, PC for a free consultation.