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When did we decide that the federal government, and our tax money, is the solution to all problems regardless of their cause? Washington is frantically trying to spend our money to save certain financial institutions. Of course only a chosen few get the bailout. Those less well connected to the elite are allowed to die. Now the credit card companies and auto manufacturers have their hands out. With the election of a new president and new Congress, local governments and other industries are begging for more giveaways. It seems as though personal responsibility and free markets no longer matter. We are on a dangerous path when we expect officials who were elected largely as the result of financial assistance from those seeking help get to decide who gets the bailouts and who does not. If we simply stopped viewing big government as the solution to every problem we would all be better off. Yes we need change to improve the current economy. Providing more and bigger government is what caused our issues in the first place. Prescribing more of the same is not the solution.