Many new laws have taken effect in Illinois

* Known as “Caylee’s Law” following the infamous Caylee Anthony case, parents and legal guardians of children 13 years old or younger could be charged with a felony if they fail to report their missing child within 40 hours  

* Judges in Illinois will have the option to give first-time, non-violent offenders a two-year diversion program, similar to probation, instead of jail time in order to free up space in the state prison systems and help find offenders jobs.

 * Strip clubs will have to collect a $3 per person surcharge from customers in order to give a financial contribution to sexual assault crisis programs.  

* Child sex offenders are banned from participating in holiday events involving children, like handing out Halloween candy and dressing as Santa Claus, unless under specific circumstances determined by law enforcement authorities.

 * The sale, trade, and distribution of shark fins, usually purchased as a delicacy food item in Asian-American neighborhoods, will officially be banned  

* In an effort to protect the privacy of employees in the state, employers will be prohibited from asking workers for their social network user names and passwords.

 * Passenger vehicle license plate fees will increase by $2 to $101 per year with the goal of raising $20 million for Illinois’ state parks to operate and perform much-needed maintenance.  

* Commercial vehicle drivers will be completely banned from texting and using a handheld phone while driving as a way to make the state’s roads safer and prevent more distracted-driver accidents.

 * Landlords in the state will now be able to email bills to tenants for damages done to rental properties.  

* Police officers will receive special training on how to recognize and respond to issues regarding abuse and neglect of elderly individuals.

 * It will be a crime for individuals to use a deceased person’s handicapped parking placard or license plate.

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