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By now, you have probably set some New Year’s resolutions and maybe even broken some of them.  With the holidays now past and a new year in full swing, here is a list of things you should consider consulting with your lawyer about so that you have a successful and prosperous 2017:

  • If you own a business, is the company record book up to date?  Have all the fees due the state been paid and have all required reports been filed?  You can expose yourself to personal liability if your corporation or LLC does not follow the annual required formalities.
  • Also for business owners, do you have a succession plan?  What will happen if you or one of your partners becomes disabled or dies unexpectedly?  Have you considered and/or paid for key person insurance to protect the business operations going forward?
  • Do you have an estate plan which addresses medical decisions and control of your assets if you become disabled?  Do you have a will and/or living trust to make sure the people you care about are taken care of when you pass away?  If you completed those documents in the past, do they need to be updated?  Major life changes life marriage, death of a family member or divorce may mean that you need to update your plan or possibly replace it altogether.
  • If previously divorced, were there any terms in the divorce decree or marital settlement agreement that were subject to adjustment in the future?  Should you consider seeking an adjustment in maintenance payments or child support?  If the other side has not met all their obligations, is it time to seek enforcement?
  • If you own rental property, are your leases up to date?  A written lease is always better than a verbal one.  Have you met municipal requirements for licensing and/or inspection?

Our firm is available to assist you with any of the above referenced issues.  If we represented you in the past, we would be glad to discuss if your current needs and goals are being met.  If we have not represented you previously, we are glad to review the work of  your prior lawyer and/or get you started for the first time.  Feel free to contact us to see how we can assist you.