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Illinois has primary elections scheduled for February 2nd. Whatever party you belong to, make sure that you understand all of the candidates’ positions on taxing and spending. Almost every government entity, whether it be local, state or federal, is now spending more than they take in. While it is convenient to blame all of our current economic troubles on the banking industry and the real estate market, an over burdensome government is as much to blame as anything. We are all overtaxed. Most of us work from January 1 to mid May just to pay our obligations to the government. None of us get a good return on our investment. Even with revenues way down, most government bodies have done little or nothing to curb their voracious appetite for spending. Insist on elected officials who are not afraid to significantly cut their budget. Look for those who promise to spur the economy not by spending more but by taxing us less. History has shown us that economic prosperity always arises when tax rates are low. Vote for those who believe that government is not the solution. It is the problem.